Preparing the Little Ones for Back to School

school kid in class. happy child holding blackboard blank.


We are nearing the beginning of the school year! Getting the kids back into the swing of things can be a struggle sometimes. We have a few tips to make the transition back to school a little smoother.


Start introducing more structure in the day

We all know that it’s difficult to adhere to a rigid schedule over the summer and of course the kiddos don’t want that! This month, start introducing schedules and a bit more structure slowly into your day. This is especially helpful if your little one is entering kindergarten. Having a slow but structured schedule for the weeks leading up to school’s start will help them ease into the school day’s structure.


Visit the School

Bring the family on a little field trip to the school if you’re new to the building. Even if you’re familiar, schools can make changes over the summer and meeting new teachers one-on-one will help in feeling comfortable with them.


Make the Day Special

Whether it’s a heart-shaped pb&j or a special breakfast – make the first day just a little more special than the rest. Giving the day a little forethought will lessen the chance for surprises! Of course you can never prepare for everything – but the effort is good enough to smoothen out the day.

We wish you and your kiddos the best first day of school!

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